Momentum Meditation© is a new class concept based on combining movement with meditation.

The meditations range from rhythmic, slow-moving, standing exercises to fast-moving Vortex Circle Walking© practices that combine continuous sweeping arm movements (or static hand postures) with fast changes of direction and precise footwork techniques.

All these meditations are intended to forge a stronger mind-body connection, increase awareness, clear energetic blockages, and increase energy levels. But – some are designed to relax and loosen the body while others are designed to strengthen and mobilize the body. So a class can be readily adjusted to the abilities of its participants, or ebb and flow naturally in a way that gets things moving then slows and relaxes.

Vortex Circle Walking© Practices
For those wanting a genuine meditative workout, aerobic and strength intensity can be adjusted with changes to walking speed and the use of wrist weights or light dumb bells.

As the student progresses through the course, those seeking the depths of relaxation and inner peace, the mind-body meditative connection can be intensified by progressively layering awareness techniques and movement principles until students are able to separate awareness, intent, and willpower; and combine them with coiling, pulsing, and breath work to create a continuous flow of movement and energy. This gives the course longevity by providing a continued learning experience.

The curriculum is comprised of:

  • A seated, moving meditation based on ancient Qigong principles that is designed to still the mind while activating and moving the body. This can be used to permit longer periods of seated meditation while keeping the body healthy and the mind still.
  • A standing, Energy Gathering meditation that incorporates the principles of Tai Chi into an exercise that teaches greater unity of movement to balance energy within the body, build energy reserves, and move energy to where it is needed.
  • Both a Yin and Yang Vortex Circle Walking© Meditation derived from principles of the art of Ba Gua Zhang. These exercises are very scalable through the use of external weights and moderation of speed. These exercises are designed to increase energy, flow, mobility and awareness on all planes.
  • A number of static posture circle walking exercises based on Ba Gua Zhang and the I Ching designed to strengthen and empower the practitioner while clearing both physical and energetic blockages.
  • 8 moving exercises based on the art of Ba Gua Zhang that teach the practitioner to embody the 8 major energies of the I Ching.

There is room for 3 levels of certification.
Level I understanding the performance of the basic movements.
Level II understanding the basic movements and underlying principles.
Level III understanding all the principles and components including the details of the 4-beat walking techniques, expanded awareness through the body and energetic and martial techniques of the 8 I Ching exercises.

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