Meditation is an ages old mind-body practice that can be done by anyone. Taoist meditation dates back thousands of years. Written references to meditative practice can be found in Lao Tse’s Tao Teh Ching

Meditative techniques can be practiced while lying down, sitting (in a chair or on the floor), standing, or moving.

Breathing exercises help integrate the mind with the body, and can be used to gain awareness and understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and physical functioning. As the Tao Te Ching asks: “Can you focus your breath as supple as a newborn child?

In the movement arts, meditation is an excellent way to help integrate mind and body, yielding a greater understanding of the movements, and more refined control of your actions, movements, and intent. In fact, Tai Chi and Qigong are considered to be forms of moving meditation.

We will work together to find the meditative practices best suited to your needs and goals, whether they be stress reduction, calming the mind, strengthening focus, healing the body, healing emotionally, or building psychological resilience.

Sample Curriculum For A Course In Building A Meditation Practice
Each step builds upon the previous.

The Body Language Of Meditation
The first things a student will learn are posture and breathing exercises. These help to calm and bring the mind into the body. These foundational exercises are extremely important – they create the body language of meditation.

Go With The Flow
Next, the student learns to go with the natural flow of thoughts and feelings as they arise. While particuarly useful for beginners, those who can only sit still or focus for a short period of time will benefit greatly from learning to feel and create a smooth and steady flow. Establishing a baseline flow is essential to developing “in the moment” internal awareness.

Look Inside
Awakening the nervous system is key to understanding how stress affects the body. Exercises are taught to methodically increase internal awareness, further connecting mind with body. Eventually a relaxed awareness of all the body’s processes is developed.

Grounding The System
Once awakened, it is important to open the body’s energy channels. This facilitates the greater flow of energy that will be developed. Creating this safety “ground wire” will increase the energy flow within the body, and permit daily stresses and the potentially large amounts of energy that will be released to flow smoothly through the body.

Dissolving In The Physical Body
Dissolving techniques are taught to smooth the mind and body, to clear the energetic pathways of blockages and to release and recirculate all the energy that has been previously trapped, misused or misplaced. These exercises really bring you into the present and can help greatly with traumas, PTSD, and past stresses and daily stresses. Practitioners at this level are benefitted with more energy, greater calm, clarity and focus, and a greater presence.

Thoughts, Emotions, Connections, Chi, And Beyond
By now, the student has gained enough insight and awareness of their own body and processes that they may begin to sense that their thoughts and emotions are from separate sources, each of which is integrated with the physical body. Specific exercises are practiced to release these connections and therefor release the resulting stresses that have arisen from these patterns.

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