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(The Huffington Post) – … According to a 2013 study by Robert Youmans of George Mason University and Jared Ramsberg, …the side-effect-free way to get better grades is to meditate. Testing a random grouping of students, they found that students who meditated before a lecture scored higher on a quiz afterward than those who didn’t.

A study by researchers at the University of California at Santa Barbara found that a two-week mindfulness training course boosted the working memory of students enough to translate into a 16-percent increase on the GRE (the standardized test required for most graduate schools). “We found reduced mind-wandering in every way we measured it and improved performance on both reading comprehension and working memory capacity,” said professor Michael Mrazek…

In fact, Andrew Jones, a sociology teacher in the UK, wrote in The Guardian that studies have also found that meditation can lower the incidence of aggression in adolescents and children

Back here at home, meditation resulted in higher English scores, higher attendance rates and higher rates of happiness in schools that introduced it in San Francisco, while in New Haven schools used meditation and yoga to reduce stress levels.

… MindUp, a program that’s part of the Goldie Hawn Foundation, brings neuroscientists, education professionals and mindfulness experts together to help students “learn to self-regulate behavior and mindfully engage in focused concentration required for academic success.” And a study at Johns Hopkins University found that the effects of meditation were actually about equal to those of antidepressants.

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