Comprehensive Tai Chi exists to provide individualized private instruction and to act as a conduit between you and your physician, and the health benefits of five traditional Chinese internal healing and martial arts.

You will learn select exercises, combined from each of these arts, to best improve the health concerns you wish to address.

Not only will you learn how to perform the movements, you will also learn the basics and principles of each movement to gain the most benefit related to your condition. When fully integrated with the movements, it is these principles that provide the best results, and help strengthen your balance, reprogram your nervous system (build neuroplasticity), increase kinesthetic and proprioceptive awareness, enhance immune system response, relieve pain, regulate blood pressure, improve outlook, reduce stress, and more.

And We Also Teach Tai Chi
You can learn complete forms and exercises from Tai Chi, Meditation, Chi Kung or Ba Gua Zhang, as Comprehensive Tai Chi was conceived by a certified instructor in these arts.

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