Good Vibrations – Lupus and Tai Chi

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(Lupus Society) – “Tai chi is an internal kung fu,” says Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, a master-level tai chi instructor and author of Power Healing: The Four Keys to Healing Your Body, Mind & Spirit. “When used for self-defense, tai chi movements are powerful and fast. But tai chi for health uses slow…

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University of Maryland Medical Center – Tai Chi

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(University of Maryland Medical Center) – Tai chi has 3 major components -- movement, meditation, and deep breathing. Movement -- All of the major muscle groups and joints are needed for the slow, gentle movements in tai chi. Tai chi improves balance, agility, strength, flexibility

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A Downside to Tai Chi? None That I See

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(The New York Times) – The graceful, dancelike progression of meditative poses called tai chi originated in ancient China as a martial art, but the exercise is best known in modern times as a route to reduced stress and enhanced health. After reviewing existing scientific evidence for its potential

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