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Tai Chi Chuan practice as a tool for rehabilitation of severe head trauma: 3 Case reports

Posted in Clinical Studies, Vestibular Research

Note: This is a study with exceptional results. Participants began treatment while seated or lying down, and gradually increased Tai Chi activity to regain completely independent movement. Great care was taken to ensure the methods were learned slowly and correctly, and each step built upon the…

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Tai Chi boosts immunity to shingles virus in older adults, NIH-sponsored study reports

Posted in Clinical Studies, News Reports

(NIH, National Institute on Aging) – Tai Chi alone was found to increase participants’ immunity to varicella as much as the vaccine typically produces in 30- to 40-year-old adults, and Tai Chi combined with the vaccine produced a significantly higher level of immunity, about a 40 percent increase, over that produced by the vaccine alone. The study further showed that the Tai Chi group’s rate of increase in immunity over the course of the 25-week study was double that of the health education (control) group. The Tai Chi and health education groups’ VZV immunity had been similar when the study began.

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Tai Chi Chih acutely decreases sympathetic nervous system activity in older adults.

Posted in Clinical Studies

This study is the first to our knowledge to assess the acute effects of TCC practice on sympathetic activity in older adults. TCC performance led to acute decreases in sympathetic activity, which could not be explained by physical activity alone. Further study is needed to determine whether the acute salutary effects of TCC on autonomic functioning are sustained with ongoing practice in older adults.

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